Playing with FACEBOOK, volume III

I’m finally able to get friends of friends from facebook. As I mentioned in previous posts, its not possible to do with provided api, so you have to do it differently.

I have some experience in writing “web bots” (long ago, I created simple travian bot) but only with shell scripting ang wget. This wasn’t an option here (ok, it was, but I want to effectively process gathered data) so I chose java. I thought it should be able to do at least the same with jersey client and take advantage of my jaxb knowledge to process generated data or at least to store it.

Described way is easily re-doable with other technologies or in different language, so you may just look into my code and rewrite it. Whole thing is pretty “easy”, just few hours playing with wireshark and thinking about proper way to store (and generate some nice picture from) gathered friends graph.

Ok, looks like I don’t have time/willpower to finish this as it should be (I wrote preceding paragrapsh like 14 days ago), so if you want to look into source code, you can; there is a link: .

Its maven based idea project and it has simple sample in it (see

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