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Tyrus on GitHub – continued

Tyrus now uses GIT as primary source code repository, old SVN repository will stay online, but won’t be updated. Main benefit here is that we have active GitHub mirror and we are able to use all of its features, so … Continue reading

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Tyrus 1.2

UPDATE – Tyrus 1.2.1 Tyrus 1.2.1 contains fix for TYRUS-222 Original post about Tyrus 1.2 Another release cycle is finished which allows me to present Tyrus in version 1.2. This version brings some bugfixes and features, for example improved Servlet … Continue reading

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WebSocket via HTTP proxy

As you might know, WebSocket can be used for bi-directional “real-time” communication with multiple clients. What does that mean in proxy environments and how this even works? WebSocket uses HTTP upgrade mechanism specified in HTTP 1.1 and by design requires … Continue reading

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Tyrus on GitHub

Tyrus is now being mirrored to github. Pull requests currently cannot be accepted (one-way sync for now), but that will be improved over time. (Contributors are still required to provide patch, see See

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WebSocket command line client

Tyrus 1.1 brings new feature – simple command line client, which can be useful in many scenarios. You can use it for simple development testing, sanity testing or for monitoring of your deployed endpoints. How to use: Download latest tyrus-client-cli … Continue reading

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Tyrus 1.1

It might seem like there is not much time passed since Tyrus 1.0 (Java API for WebSocket reference implementation) release, but the fact is it was frozen several weeks before going public and development in the trunk continued. Tyrus 1.1 … Continue reading

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